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Wealth Builder 100

Now’s the Time to Be Self-Sufficient!

Are you ready to ready to be financially self-sufficient?

Are you approaching retirement and facing the harsh reality that you don’t have enough money to retire?

Are you already retired and find that Social Security and your savings just isn’t enough?

Are you still working and mired in the rat race…getting up early to fight the traffic only to meet unrealistic demands from your boss… working long hours ---only to fight the traffic to get home …and then being too tired to enjoy quality time with your family?

Do you yearn to spend more quality time with your children, your family, your friends?

Are you just tired of it all? Are you looking for a better way …a way to live life on your terms?


About 20 years ago, a group of successful entrepreneurs formed a private community of like-minded positive people who were dedicated to helping others, just like you and me, live a more financially abundant life. For the last 20 years, this private community and its members have been successfully teaching others how to legally and ethically bless each other by strategically leveraging cash!

Our concept is unique…

  • We are a private organization... we are not a business ...there is no company.
  • We use a concept called perpetual leveraging...
  • A small amount of cash, as little as $500, can be leveraged into larger amounts of cash…as much as $10,500 and more…and you can do it over and over again!
  • A small amount of time ...10-20 hours a week ...can be leveraged into total time freedom.
  • There are no products to sell.
  • There is no cold calling ...no pestering your friends and family
  • We are not involved with the stock market.
  • We believe in building for the future... so work we do today will continue to generate cash flow for years to come.
  • We believe in people helping people... so there is world class training and one on one personalized mentoring.
  • We believe in automation... so there we use a turnkey internet-based system.
  • We believe in keeping it simple... If you can talk on the phone and send an email or a text, you can be successful with us.


Press the FIND OUT MORE button above and get all of the facts and then contact us to schedule a private interview.